Upcoming Workshops


 WHAT??? - Exciting changes coming Summer/Fall 2020...

                                    - New Studio Location in Almonte, Ontario!

                                    - New Paverpol Fabric Sculpting Classes!

                                    - New Art Mediums including Tatting!

                                    - Guest Instructors!

                                  STAY TUNED FOR THE NEW WORKSHOP DATES!!!

Note that all in person classes are on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Please keep checking this page for updates!

You are welcome to contact me for questions about potential classes or projects!

NEWS!!!  Classes in the art of Tatting

    and other art mediums will be offered at my new 

    resident studio in Almonte, Ontario

You have my tatted Heart!


Tatted Bracelet

Tatting Display

Two Flying Birds

New Project Choice!

Two Tall Birds, or Flying Birds

Choose your Bird project!

- Two Tall Birds...For indoors or outdoors...two table-top size cuties will flutter into your home.  Will you make blue birds, or cardinals, or whimsical birds or....????  

- Flying Birds..These beauties fly at about 3ft and wave in the breeze!

Location:  Almonte, Ontario

Date:  TBD

Two Tall Birds

 Flying Birds


Choose morning or afternoon class.

Floating Cup

Create a beautiful personalized gift for yourself or a friend!

Is it for a coffee or tea drinker, candy lover, seamstress, teacher, ....?????? 

Locaton: Almonte, Ontario

Date: TBD

(NOTE: Bring your own non-plastic items to pour from the cup. Any plastic items can be glued on separately after.)




These Floating Cup are pouring

coffee,................................ potpourri,...................................... loose tea.


Garden Heron

Create this stunning garden-ready beauty

...over 1 meter tall!  

Ready to stand up to summer and winter's challenges.

Locaton: Almonte, Ontario

Date: TBD

(Also 1 1/2  hour session to paint & take home your heron arranged at student's convenience.)





Garden Personality

Fairy or mermaid or clown or angel or ....  What character will  live in your garden? Create a personality of your choice ... over 1 meter tall 

Location: Almonte, Ontario

Date: TBD

(Also 1 1/2 hour session to paint & take home your sculpture to be arranged at student's convenience.)




Garden Fairy - Sample of a Garden Personality project


Small Garden Heron

This charmer is the perfect size for small gardens or apartment balconies...or to stand beside your large garden heron!
This smaller version is approx 60 cm. (2 ft.) tall.

Locaton: Almonte, Ontario

Date: TBD




If you wish to received further information on a particular class, or would like to schedule a personal workshop with a few friends, please contact us.