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 “My daughters had THE BEST time at Gwen Rousseau's Mermaid Workshop at The Gallery Upstairs at Harrop Restaurant!!!! They are addicted and want to go back again and again and, honestly, could not say enough about it. I think I will go back and make a beautiful heron for my garden. Contact Gwen.  You will LOVE it!!!”

Comment from Sandy

– Mermaid class for daughters 11 & 13 years old


“I would like to thank you for taking the time to have you work with me. After my stroke I thought I might not be able to work with my hands. You were very patient with me and I know the wrapping was very helpful, and the limbs after being wrapped had to be sized and squeezed which was good for my strength allowing holding the project. The cutting of the fabric also is good for the hand movement and strength.  I was quite surprised to find out how much was included in making this project and it definitely was good for the recovery of my stroke.
I am looking forward to taking another class with you. Many thanks. I am in debt for your time and patience.”

Comment from Patricia

– T-Shirt Lady class donated as a therapy session


“I loved yesterday!!!!  I never ever treat myself to such luxury.  Despite my whining I loved every minute of it.”

Comment from Pam

– Garden Heron class

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