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"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."

 - Albert Einstein

About the Artist and Instructor


Gwen is an Engineer, a Certified Human Behaviour Consultant, an avid speaker and trainer, as well as a dedicated artisan.  For as long as she can remember, she has always been passionate about creating unique projects.  Most recently she has found a love for sculpting fabric and other natural materials, with the use of the environmentally friendly fabric hardener Paverpol.  Her skills have led her to become a fully certified instructor and she enjoys sharing this art form with her students in workshops.  The sense of therapeutic expression & accomplishment felt by her students, and the ability to recycle resources into incredible art forms give Gwen great satisfaction.

Gwen also brings some of her other creative passions to her workshops including the art of Tatting. This traditional form of lacemaking is revitalized for today's world as jewelry, bookmarks, pictures, and more! The modernizing of this technique and its relaxing quality bring excitement to this art form.


As an Instructor, Gwen brings her love of creativity and structure to others through classes, inspiring students to have fun with these exquisite and versatile techniques.  

Gwen Rousseau

P.Eng., Certified Paverpol Instructor,

Certified Human Behaviour Consultant

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